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Sharps in the Laboratory & Preventing Injury

ACS article on Safe Handling of Sharps

"Sharps are often used in the chemistry lab, but represent a risk of puncture wounds or chemical exposure. Yet information about their proper usage – and prevention of injuries – remains scarce in the literature." This report (ACS article above) promotes safe techniques for the use of needles and cannulas in chemistry.

SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures

Every lab has a set of safety-related limitations to the chemistries they handle during their research, based on the way their lab is set up, relevance of work, special hazardous materials, etc.

We adhere to 'Standard Operating Procedure' of chemical reactions performed in the lab. Any chemical reactions that do not fall under this description are 'Non-Standard Operating Procedures', and need special attention. Any chemical substance that is deemed as such has to be accompanied by a specific 'SOP file'.

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