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Some quick links to phone numbers and

basic safety info/directions in case of Emergency.

If you are hurt at work

In the event of serious injury or a clear threat to life, obtain paramedic or ambulance assistance right away: Call 9-911 on campus, or use a blue emergency phone. Or call 911 from your personal phone.

  1. Determine the extent of your injury or illness and seek appropriate medical attention.

  2. Inform your supervisor and call the Occupational Health Center at (650) 725-5308 as soon as the condition permits.

  3. Complete the incident report to document the injury, illness, or close call event.

  4. See procedures for reporting of serious injuries and illnesses.

  5. Visit the Risk Management website for detailed Workers’ Compensation information.

What to do for Work Related Urgent Conditions

  1. Call Stanford Univ Occupational Health Center (SUOHC) if between 8:00am-5pm M-F at (650) 725-5308, for immediate phone triage and to schedule urgent drop-in appointment time.

  2. When SUOHC is closed, go to the Stanford University Medical Center Emergency Department.

  3. As soon as you arrive at 484 Oak Rd, let the employee at the reception desk know you’re here for an urgent appointment.​

Examples of URGENT concens:

  1. Any acute injury with significant pain or swelling

  2. Possible fracture or dislocation

  3. Animal bite, including non-human primate bite

  4. Needlestick or splash to mucous membrane of blood or potentially infectious body fluid

  5. Acute exposures to workplace hazards (chemicals, laser, radiation)


What to do for Work Related Non-Urgent Conditions

     Call SUOHC if between 8am-5pm M-F at (650)725-5308 for an appt.

         Examples of non-urgent problems:  

        (1) Sprains/strains; (2) Bruises/scrapes;

        (3) Minor cuts; (4) Minor burns;

        (5) Ache or pain you have had for several weeks.

Lynette's iPhone number:

on contacts page and in lab.

The Stanford buildings and grounds 24 hour response # is:


Urgent danger or personal safety emergency : 911 

Todd Eberspacher (Dept Facilities):

on contacts page and in lab.


Emergencies should be reported to 911, or to 9-911 from a campus phone.   

Palo Alto dispatch non-emergency number is 650 329-2413.  

EHS emergencies can be reported at any time to 725-9999.

If you observe anyone in the building that does not belong or have concerns about safety or security, call 911 or 650 329-2413.  

SU-17: Incident Investigation for Employees


Supervisors must report work-related incidents, injuries, and illnesses to EH&S and the Office of Risk Management, by completing the necessary forms. Use this form to report an incident involving a University employee or student employee.

Complete and submit this form to EH&S and Risk Management within 24 hours of the incident.

The form can now be completed online. Follow this link.

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